Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Materials Yard

Okay, we love to scramble over your yard with heavy equipment, toss rocks around and generally get a beautiful landscaping job done, but we know that a lot of you like to do that, too. So not to long ago I asked myself, "Self, how can I help Spokane area residents get their do-it-yourself landscaping jobs done? How can I get them to pay me for their work?"

And Self answered: "Don't build it and they will come."

"What do you mean?"

"You should know, man. I'm your inner voice."

"Oh yeah. You mean I should let people come and buy the materials I use every day!"

Then my inner voice asked for a sandwich. While I ate lunch, I pondered the greatness of this idea. Once I was really impressed with myself, I told everybody else and we got some work done!

The result is our landscaping materials yard. Since we're landscaping pros it was easy for us to pick the right materials to stock. All we had to do is look at the landscaping and hardscaping we do all across Washington, think of the materials we use and take them to the yard.

Now we specialize in hardscapes, but we've got plenty of materials to suit other landscaping projects. For example, one of my favorite items is our wood stone. It looks like bark chips and absorbs water like them, but it's tough and doesn't fade. We've got driftwood, granite and a bunch of soil varieties. If you want to do Spokane area landscaping, check it out!