Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Attention Spokane Landscapers: Your Driftwood is Here!

That's right: We've got Driftwood for Landscaping available at our Landscaping Materials Yard. If you're in decent driving distance of the Spokane, WA area come by and see if our stumps will fit your landscaping projects. Driftwood is a great material for landscaping for a whole bunch of reasons. Here are just three of them:

It's Unique: Pretty much the best thing about driftwood is that no two pieces are alike. You can get stone in regular blocks or standard tiles and let's face it, one wood chip looks pretty much like another, but as driftwood is grown and never cut into regular shapes, it's as distinctive as the tree it came from. Driftwood also comes in a whole bunch of colors, from deep brown to bleached white, so no matter the shape, you can find a piece to match your landscaping plans. And unlike other materials, you can carve driftwood to create the shape you want.

It's Light: Earth, stone and tile or brick are your basic landscaping materials. Earth is the foundation. Stone, brick and tile give it shape and have the strength to hold back earth to create paths, retaining walls and terraces. Driftwood is purely decorative. Brick and rocks are all good, but you've got to respect their weight, and be careful when you arrange them so that they stick to stable shapes. You can get a bit more adventurous with driftwood, especially when it's shape forms a natural arch, giving you some airy, negative space in the focal points of a landscape.

It Floats!: Well, why do you think it's called "driftwood?" Driftwood is an interesting addition to a large Water Feature because unless it's an especially dense variety, it floats. You'll have to attach it to a weight but after you do you'll find it adds something special to the middle of a pond. When it comes to specific water feature, you'll have to test out how a given piece of driftwood floats. This is fine, because driftwood requires a little improvisation anyway - it's par for the course for an organic material where every piece is different.