Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Take a Look at GardenStone Creations’ Household and Garden D├ęcor

Personalized stone engraving is the heart and soul of GardenStone Creations, but Kelly started the business with an interest in selling high quality home and garden decor of all kinds, with a focus on Pacific Northwest craftsmanship. We owe a lot to the local community in and around Spokane for helping both GardenStone and Cascading Creations grow, so we want to give something back.

Visit GardenStone Creations online or visit our store at 1515 S. Lyons, Airway Heights, WA to take a look at our full selection. To get you started, let’s take a look at a couple of the cool things we have for sale.

Kitchen Canister Sets: This is one of those things that complete a kitchen and turn it from a functional cafeteria-like setting to something that really feels like part of your home.

In addition to the coffee, tea and sugar canisters above, we also offer a set for nickels, dimes and quarters. Those are a great way to save your change or create a “swear jar” policy for certain foulmouthed family members!

Country Chic Wall Hangings: We have a nice selection of wall hangings for folks interested in decorating in a rustic style. My favorite is this rooster:

Buddy, we know how you feel.

Hand Made Bird Houses: These are excellent examples of the crafts we started GardenStone to carry. Each of these birdhouses is a one of a kind piece of garden decor. Here’s one of them, but keep in mind that yours will be unique.

We have a much bigger selection than just this stuff so please, drop on by to see more!