Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It’s Landscaping Season around Spokane!

That’s right: Warm weather means Cascading Creations will move into high gear performing Spokane landscaping and hardscaping jobs. That’s not to say we were idle during the winter; in fact, we did lots of snow removal while we finished off the final phase of putting together GardenStone Creations’ stone engraving business.

We anticipate high demand not only because we are totally cool, good and what we do and fun to work with, but because these days, people are thinking more of improving the homes they have than “trading up” for a better house. While the real estate market recovers, we’re there adding value to homes with hardscaping and water features, including retaining walls, fountains, patios and more. Plus, winter and spring rain leave wear and tear, and now’s the time for us to finish demolition and landscaping site cleanup jobs.

We’re pros; we can get your job done fast and in such a way that it blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment. If you want to do it yourself, however, we have a couple of great options available.

First, get your stuff from our landscaping materials yard. We have a huge variety of materials including stone, driftwood, and fertilizer (or as we like to call it, “crap” – it’s good fertilizer, that’s just where it comes from). The yard is right beside our offices and GardenStone Creations, so we’ve got everything from the heavy stuff you need for landscaping to stone engravings and garden décor from local artisans, all in one location. Use it all to create the perfect space.

Second, if you’ve always wanted to get giant machines to do your bidding, we can help you. Become a landscaping customer helper and you’ll be able to operate our heavy equipment in your own landscaping job, under close supervision to make sure that you’re not only safe and sound, but will do a great job on as much or as little of your landscaping as you want.

Whether you want our help, our stuff or a chance at the controls, contact us for Spokane landscaping work; you’ll be more than satisfied and have a little fun.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

GardenStone Creations: More Than Personalized Stone Engraving

Now that we’ve opened our stone engraving store in Airway Heights, filmed it on Youtube, posted pictures and generally gone crazy introducing it to the Spokane community you’ll notice something odd: We have a lot of things that aren’t actually engraved stones. Is it a trick? Did we just store some stuff from home on the shelving to brighten the place up a bit? No – we’ve added lots of local crafts for interior and exterior décor.

That’s because we always wanted this to be a local business that not only serves the community, but shows it the great artisanship and opportunity that’s all around. Kelly mentions in her TV interview that the local community is a big part of GardenStone Creations. This is not only true for our customers and nearby artisans, but for the other businesses and institutions that made the launch possible.

That’s why GardenStone Décor is an expanding part of our site, and represents the kinds of things you can find in our brick and mortar store too other than great stone engravings for your home and garden. It’s the section that showcases local crafts above and beyond personalized stone engraving to woodwork, metalwork, antiques and other examples of the local community’s creativity. That’s why Kelly pointed out the metalwork in the store. We want to give back to the community because it’s done so much for us.

Remember too, that besides GardenStone Creations our Airway Heights location is also Cascading Creations’ Spokane area landscaping materials yard. We’ve got all the raw material you need to create a beautiful garden in one site, from stones to engraving to fertilizer, and even people who can build you water features to go with it all. Come visit!