Friday, April 9, 2010

GardenStone is a Semi-Finalist for the AGORA Award

See the announcement here. Each year Greater Spokane Incorporated grants the AGORA Award for business excellence in the Inland Northwest. This year, Greater Spokane Incorporated took a particular look at businesses that demonstrated community leadership in the face of tumultuous economic times.

GardenStone is proud to be a semi-finalist in the small business category, along with seven other businesses. We don’t think it’s assuming too much to say that al the nominees share a deep appreciation for Spokane and the Inland Northwest and hope that our work improves its citizens’ quality of life, provide needed products and services, and inject fresh growth into the local economy.

We founded GardenStone Creations because we wanted a business that not only met financial targets, but did so in a way that kept in touch with community around us. That doesn’t mean we’ve ignored opportunities further afield. Far from that! We sell personalized engraved stones and home décor online to virtually anyone able to reach our site and place an order. We have an active presence on Twitter and Facebook (where we can always use more followers and fans!) along with this blog. We can reach the world – but we care about our neighbors.

That’s why the heart of our business is our Airway Heights store, and why that store carries a selection of arts and crafts from local artisans, including consignment pieces. It’s why we organize community events such as the Girls Night Out Spring Fling and have added a café to GardenStone. We want our business to be a true community fixture, where people come to not only look through engravings, arts and crafts, but to get a sense of the neighborhood’s “pulse.” This generates good will and repeat business for us, but it’s also a way of giving thanks to a community that has always been generous to use, both on the GardenStone side and to our sibling business, Cascading Creations.

The award ceremony is June 2nd. It would be an honor to win, but we’re pleased just to be in the running beside other excellent, conscientious businesses. We’re gratified someone has noticed our mission in action and we hope it’s made a positive difference to the Greater Spokane community.