Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last Chance for an Easy Landscaping Cleanup Job!

Hey there. Did you know that even though housing in the rest of the country is certainly having its up and downs, Washington State has become one of the fastest growing markets in the country? Now may be the time to change homes, but in many cases there’s one problem: Your property is a mess! We can help, however. Part of our Spokane landscaping services include landscape site cleanup. If you’re thinking of selling a property as the market bounces back, now is the time to schedule that job.

Don’t get me wrong; we love working all year round, but it’s easiest for everyone if you schedule these jobs before cold rain and snow hit the ground. It’s faster, safer and has the least complications. We have the heavy equipment to do heavy landscape cleanup jobs quickly, and thanks to great partnerships in the community we can get your wreckage hauled away just as fast. We know there’s nothing more annoying than seeing an idle Dumpster in your yard or driveway!

These big cleanup jobs cover a wide range of tasks. Sometimes we have to get rid of scrap from a recent home renovation, tear down a broken patio or dismantle an old hardscape. We can rapidly apply basic landscaping to any disturbed ground by laying down basic coverage like loose stone. (We can do sod and other more elaborate work, but with winter on the way, it might not be the best idea.)

We have the most fun tearing big things down, however. Lots of homes and commercial properties feature rickety old barns, lurching, rotted sheds or extensions that were never built quite right. We can either do the teardown ourselves or work with your contractor if you’re doing an end of season renovation.

You can see us having a blast clearing a site here:

Whatever you need, we can get it done – and sometimes you can even help. Take a look at our customer helper page to see how much fun it is. Just remember, if you need to get your property ready for sale or just get rid of a big eyesore, now is the time – don’t let it stick with you all winter!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Engraved Stones for Life’s Milestones

Gardenstone Creations sells personalized stone engraving for all occasions. The business sprang from Cascading Creations after we realized that we could do a lot more with custom rock work than apply it to landscaping jobs. Engraved stones come in all shapes and sizes, from heavy outdoor markers to small stone plaques that are perfect for home décor.

Our most popular engraved stones mark major occasions in life. For example, we recommend birth stones to new parents. In fact, this theme is s popular that we called the company “Birthstone Creations” in the beginning, but changed it because we didn’t want to confuse what we do with the tradition of precious stones being linked to certain birthdays. You can mark the baby’s birth and even illustrate it with baby handprints, footprints and other etched and colored illustrations.

Graduation stones are also popular. GardenStone pioneered this idea. As you might guess, these commemorate graduation from high school or college. These mark great personalized gifts for these important occasions and unlike a diploma, isn’t going to get folded, shredded, or wrecked when a glass frame breaks.

It’s great to be able to offer this kind of custom rock work at prices that make it a practical gift. Stone engraving has come a long way, and thanks to power tools, great coloring techniques and computer stencilling we can etch nearly any image into stone and color the design to suit you.

Just remember one thing: This is natural stone engraving. That means that every piece has to work with the stone, and its final appearance and shape will be based on the rock surface we work with. We can do a whole lot with the raw material – etch it, polish it, color it – but in the end, working with the stone is part of the art.

In addition to this, we offer completely custom stones. Contact us for custom rock work and we’ll help you create the engraved stone you want, working with natural stone to give you something that melds its best qualities with your request.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Get Your Xeriscaping Landscape Job Done Now!

One of the challenges around Spokane landscaping is the weather. Don’t like Spokane’s weather? Just wait 15 minutes . . . seriously though: The region defies typical Pacific Northwest patterns. Instead of being damp all the time we oscillate between an arid climate and sudden, chilling blankets of snow (it’s why we do snow removal around Spokane too). Did I mention it gets cold, too?

The unpredictable weather is one reason we recommend xeriscaping methods for your landscaping job. Xeriscaping is designed to conserve water, so it’s a great idea when we head into warm weather. Still, there’s more to like about it than what it does for you in the summer.

Xeriscaping helps keep your property clean through the winter. We use plants conservatively in a xeriscaping job instead of just packing a property with greenery. If you’ve ever had to clean up the black mush left by leaves, pine needles and dead grass you’ll understand the advantages to using greenery conservatively.

By using stone, gravel, hardy root systems and integrated hardscaping such as retaining walls, xeriscaping also helps manage soil erosion. This is a big concern in our climate, because rapid temperature changes can cause equally fast erosion. Xeriscaping manages your soil so that it will stick around through the winter and spring thaw.

Xeriscaping takes water runoff into account more than traditional landscaping. Standard landscaping is most concerned with protecting features from erosion, but xeriscaping examines the water volume you actually expect and maps its progress. Just tell us about typical snow and ice buildup patterns on your property and we can “tune it” to compensate, helping you prevent flooding or stagnant areas.

Oh, one more thing: Good xeriscaping jobs look nice all year round. They don’t rely on plants to do the visual “heavy lifting.” We’ve all seen great landscapes that turn into depression pits as soon as winter hits. We want to give you something better, so give us a holler to get started!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spokane Area Landscaping Changes With the Seasons – and So Do We!

Hi folks. We’ve been pretty busy with landscaping jobs in and around Spokane, but that’s not all we’ve been up to. What was summer like for Cascading Creations? Let’s take it point by point:

  • First of all, we beefed up our Landscaping Material Yard with a wider range of stuff, including plants, sod and other “green” materials. Check out our price list here.
  • After spending winter and spring putting down the building we finally opened our new office and the store location of GardenStone Creations. We’ve grown into the space nicely, especially as it allows us to do more stone engraving and centralizes what we do in one handy location. Feel free to drop by whether you want some interior décor from GardenStone or you want to ask us about landscaping.
  • We’ve also turned our Airway Heights location into a showcase of the kinds of things we can do, including xeriscaping and naturalistic water features. Even if you’d rather do it yourself, we can point you to the materials we used.
  • Our fainting goats Laverne and Shirley are settling in nice to their new role as official mascots. Even though they fall over when startled, that doesn’t seem to keep them from climbing yard materials and some of the landscaping features we have on site.

What’s on the horizon? First off, if you have a demolition or site cleanup job you’ve been dragging your feet on now is probably the time to ask us. While we work throughout the year, everybody seems to like it best if they get all of their wreckage and crap out of the way before it gets cold.