Thursday, August 20, 2009

See our Landscaping and Xeriscaping in Action!

We just filmed a great little video showing a total makeover of one of our customers’ backyard. Take a look at the kind of landscaping we do around Spokane:

To get an idea of how big the transformation was, keep in mind that before we came in there was nothing but a rough slope, leaving no way to put a pool in. We added retaining walls, water features, a children’s play area, paths, planting areas . . . basically everything! Now the backyard is a multi-level, multipurpose area suitable for entertaining child play, gardening or just hanging out with the family.

We think it’s a great showcase of our favorite style, which works with natural stone textures and the surrounding environment. Everything you see comes from our Airway Heights landscaping supplies yard. Note the wood stone, a great little material that does what wood chips do without all the rot and wear.

One of the best features about this yard isn’t so obvious, however. That’s our xeriscaping in action. Instead of increasing maintenance hassles, water bills and environmental issues we designed this backyard to keep water requirements to an absolute minimum. Take care of the plants and pool and you’re basically good to go! Part of our vision as a Spokane landscaping company is to design spaces that not only look good, but exist in harmony with the local environment.

We do this kind of work all the time. Thanks to the Web we can show it off to a large audience. You can also see our enthusiasm. We love what we do and we hope you’ll love it, too!