Thursday, January 22, 2009

Landscapers Ready for a Heavy Winter

Cascading Creations Expands Spokane, Washington Area Landscaping Services for the Winter

Airway Heights, WA – January 21, 2009: Monte Tareski wasn’t alarmed by news about increased cold and snow this winter. The head of Spokane area landscaping company Cascading Creations ( has spent the past several years expanding his business beyond seasonal landscaping jobs. For Tareski, the secret to success is having fun. “Let’s face it,” said Tareski. “It’s all about finding excuses to drive heavy machinery all year round.”

Tareski and the other members of his family business have found ample reason to use Cascading Creations’ heavy equipment fleet beyond traditional, seasonal landscaping jobs.

During the winter, the company is well-known in the area for its snow removal services. Monte Tareski appears on Spokane radio station 93.7 “The Cat” on Friday mornings with related news and advice. The company’s website proudly displays a letter from Nine Mile Falls Elementary School thanking Monte and crew for clearing the blacktop. Cascading Creations now takes snow removal jobs by email as well; mail to goes straight to the snow removal crew on site.

In addition to snow removal, the company has added a landscaping materials yard for Spokane-area gardeners and landscapers. Cascading Creations recently raised the roof on the yard, turning it into a true all weather retail outlet. In addition to raw materials the store also sells work from local artisans. Visitors will immediately notice examples of stone engraving: a long time family trade.

“Stone engraving is another great year round aspect of our business,” said Tareski. “We do work on everything from monument-sized boulders to small pieces that can fit a mantelpiece.” Pieces can be commissioned by phone or purchased from the online storefront at

Even though the company has expanded in several directions, the Cascading Creations team is still enthusiastic about doing traditional landscaping jobs all year round.

“I would never turn down an excuse to drill, smash, move and grapple stuff in a John Deere machine,” said Tareski. “As long as we can do it safely, we’ll do it in any season.”

About Cascading Creations

Cascading Creations is a Spokane, Washington area landscaping and hardscaping company specializing in water features, landscaping materials, eco-friendly, minimal impact landscaping and stone engraving. The company’s expertise and fleet of specialized equipment allows it to complete very challenging jobs quickly and efficiently – and with enthusiasm. Visit for more information.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raising the Roof on 2009

We've expanded our Spokane area landscaping materials yard. We've put together a big new building (with the titular roof) to house all of the cool landscaping supplies and crafts we have for sale. This should be handy during the rainy, snowy winter season. This is also the place to go to check out some of our stone engravings.

2009 looks like it's going to be a pretty exciting year for us. The landscaping materials yard only has a fraction of the cool stuff we've expanded into. Have you ever heard of Xeriscaping? It's a low impact environmentally friendly landscaping method designed to conserve water. This is a great idea for some of the rocky terrain here in Washington State. We know how to make an area look green and alive without wasting water on the rocks. (If you want to water some rocks, do it with a nice water feature, not your garden hose!)

These jobs will become more important as warm weather approaches. For now, Spokane area snow removal is a big activity for us, especially since this winter, cold weather seems to keep blasting in from the arctic. It's not as bad for those of us living on the Pacific Coast, but there have still been some rather impressive drifts to haul away. This year we've hooked email right up to our snow removal machines so you can email to book same day snow removal. We just add you to our schedule as we go!

One last thing: We'll be at the Spokane Home and Yard Show. The show runs from February 26th to march 1st. Come see our engravings, crafts and other fun stuff. We look forward to seeing you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Manly Art of Engraving Stone

We’re landscapers. We do burly lifting. We break rocks. We use big machines. We do sweaty, dirty excavation around Spokane. We carve pretty butterflies on stones.

Say what?

No, seriously. Butterflies on stones – and they look darned good. Of course, we can engrave pretty much anything that’s family friendly. This is an aspect of Cascading Creations we’re especially proud of because it demonstrates the wide range of skills we’ve developed in this industry. We like the fact that even though we’re well-known for a naturalistic, low impact landscaping style we can get the most delicate, polished details down. In fact, there’s nothing quite like offsetting a water feature made of rough stone by polishing part of one of the stones and giving it a custom engraving.

One of the drawbacks of being able to get so much detail on to stone is that the Web’s display resolution just doesn’t do our engravings justice. Believe it our not, the rock picture of our Washington State landscaping offices hasn’t been tweaked with Photoshop to add our logo – no, that involved a chisel!

We’ve become pretty well-known for stone engraving over the years, so we’ve expanded into a sister business GardenStone Creations. We do the kind of site-installed stone engraving you’d see in landscaping projects, but branching into a new business also allows us to tackle smaller engraving projects, such as personal stone keepsakes, or engraved rocks you can move around to decorate a garden or other landscape by yourself.

Check out, but come back often, as we’re just starting to add stock. Keep in mind, however, that we can engrave almost anything on any-sized rock by itself or as part of a landscaping job. Give us a call to see what we can engrave for you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Low Impact Landscaping Approach

We’ve always prided ourselves on an ecologically conscious approach to landscaping around the Spokane area. This is often called low impact landscaping and it’s how we prefer to do things here at Cascading Creations, but we haven’t brought it to people’s attention until recently, when we updated our landscaping website.

Low impact landscaping relies upon research, practical knowledge and more than a little common sense to reduce the environmental impact of landscaping jobs, both on and off the actual site. We use a mix of strategies to make landscaping as eco-friendly as possible. These include the following:

Local Materials: We use local materials whenever possible. Fortunately, Washington State has so much variety that much of the time, we don’t have to go far to get the landscaping rock we need. The local ecology is adapted to local materials (obviously!) and this saved energy that would have been spent hauling rocks across the country.

Recycled Materials: We can recycle materials from your site, rebuilding them into beautiful, functional landscaping features. We’ll still bring in all the stone and other materials we need to do the job right, of course. Afterward, the remainder can be sorted into materials for later jobs.

Energy Conservation: Okay, I admit it: We love our big machines for Washington excavation jobs but there’s a time and place for them. An energy conscious approach means we only bring out the big machines when we need to, and always try to find a more efficient way to do just about everything.

Naturalistic Features: Finally, we like to design Spokane area water features and other jobs to fit with the local ecology. That means using natural methods for drainage where possible, local plants and stones, and landscaping features than, when appropriate, are similar to natural features in the area. This minimizes the disturbance to local plants and wildlife.

That’s basically how we do it, though of course, the details are a bit picky. Give us a holler to find our more!