Friday, November 21, 2008

Half of Landscaping is Cleaning Up

It’s true. Landscaping is messy work. There’s a lot of digging and dirt. Sometimes you have to use big machines. Sometimes, when you need your garden at its greenest, you even need to handle a bucket of crap (fertilizer!).

That’s why one sign of a skilled landscaping company is the ability to perform a thorough cleanup of the site. Over the years, we’ve gotten this down to an efficient routine, to the point where we now offer landscaping site cleanup as a separate service. You should consider hiring a professional for this in a whole bunch of circumstances. These include:

Heavy Landscaping Materials or Other Stuff: Extra rocks don’t just roll away by themselves. If you’re doing landscaping yourself, you’re often in a bit of a bind. If you use a short estimate on materials it may force you to take another trip to the landscaping materials yard. If you overestimate, you’ll have to move the excess. While people are usually only too happy to reclaim unused materials, some of this stuff is difficult to move, and if you do it wrong, may wreck the earth, especially when you’re talking about big boulders. This holds true for some pre-existing features too, such as rocks from other projects and tree stumps.

You Screwed Up Your Own Landscaping: I hate to say it, but some of our jobs are “911 calls.” People get into landscaping with a lot of enthusiasm, but soon discover they’re not the types to figure it out from books and TV shows. In this case, professional help lets you finish the job and get rid of materials you don’t need in one go. Now the question of whether you screwed up is subjective in some cases (though it’s obvious when you mess up a water feature, because that just gets messy). To know for sure ask yourself useful questions, like “Do my guests come inside even when I’m having a backyard barbeque? Do my kids weep when I ask them out to play catch? Are the curtains always closed? Has by significant other made a joke about my landscaping skills recently?” These will reveal the truth.

It’s Time to Sell Your House: If you’re about to sell your house, consider getting a professional to do a thorough cleanup and perform minor fixes to your existing landscape. Most people attend to the yard last, and at best, just get their own stuff off the lawn. The fact is that many of the broken down gardens and crumbling retaining walls you see in any home for sale could be easily fixed and add thousands of dollars in value to the property.

If you fit in one of these categories and live near Spokane, give us a shout!

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