Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spokane! Gaze Upon Our Mighty Landscaping Machines!

Like most guys, one of my goals in life has been to command a giant robot and use it to cut a swath of mechanized destruction across the land, but unlike them, I actually got my wish. That’s the great thing about landscaping. This time around I’d like to show you all the cool stuff that, as Spokane landscaping contractors, we’re lucky enough to be able to drive around.

Our workhorse is the John Deere 35D. There’s not much that can match it for versatility and power at that size. Better yet, the compact cab and 360 degree rotation means this can fit into surprisingly tight or awkward spaces, so the 35D is our go-to machine for a huge number of landscaping jobs. We use a range of attachments to get the most out if.

35D with Grapple

This thing is a ton of fun to use. The clamshell excavator/grapple can pick up huge rocks with ease, kind of like a merciless giant robot. This is great for wide area digging on rocky ground. In the Spokane region’s rocky terrain we often have cause to use this.

35D with Auger

Watching people screw up with a handheld auger is both hilarious and scary. It’s hilarious, because, because you get to see a couple of guys get thrown, but scary since people can actually get hurt. There’s no physical comedy or danger with the 35D’s attachment and it gets the job done fast.

35D with Rock Breaker

Nothing’s more fun than being able to smash stuff with a giant hydraulic limb. As an added bonus, the rock breaker is a great way to quickly dispose of an old slab of concrete or anything else that’s tough, solid and a pain to move.

Other Toys

We also use a Thomas 85 Mini Skidsteer a loader/grader and several other machines. The end result of having all of this mechanical muscle is that we can perform almost any job rapidly, including work on large properties where you need to get in, take care of multiple jobs and leave.

Remember: You can always take a look at our toys page to see what we’re using!

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