Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cascading Creations at the Spokane Home and Yard Show

We showed off our talent at the Spokane Home and Yard Show from Feb 27th to March 1st. We’ve already blogged about this a couple of times. From the build to the show itself, we had lots of fun and met plenty of people. If we met you, great! But if you missed us and the show, that’s too bad. We hope to see you soon, or at our landscaping materials yard, where we can talk about both landscaping supplies and the services we can offer you.

Here we are, setting things up. Via Youtube (more about that in a sec).

Feast your Eyes on Our New Digs – via Youtube!

Cascading Creations and Garden Stone Creations now have a channel all about Washington landscaping and stone engraving – well, it’s all about us, at the very least. Right now we’re filming the construction of our big new facility, including our offices, stone engraving workshop and more. We’ve upgraded our presence beyond the traditional view of landscapers as “some guys in trucks” with our Spokane landscaping supplies yard – our enhanced office and work space takes that to the next level. Plus, we aren’t above having a little fun while we’re at it. See for yourself by watching the video!

As you can see later on in the video, even though it’s March, it’s still snowing – so it’s still time to call use for snow removal in the Spokane area. Remember that we’ve got instant on-site email, so even if we’re on the job, we can probably dig you out that day in no time!

Soon though, spring really will be here, and that will kick us into high gear as people put serious thought into getting landscaping and hardscaping jobs done for the season. Plus, the Spokane region will be full of all kinds of dirt and debris from the receding snow and ice. We’ll be out there to help you – all you have to do is call.

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