Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Fine Art of Demolition

Spring is a wonderful time, when a young man’s fancy turns to destroying things, loading them into large containers and taking them away, never to be seen again. Well, this is true for Cascading Creations, at least! As we swing into the Spokane landscaping season one of the first things many clients want is a demolition and clean up of their existing site. They’ve got shacks that need crushing, old retaining walls that need wrecking and decks that need dismantling. And afterwards, they need to get rid of the mess.

It’s a fun time for us. As you can see in the demolition video we posted recently we’ve got some big landscaping machines ready to do the job. We’re also lucky to have been doing landscaping and hardscaping in Washington State for long enough that we’ve made some great professional contacts. We’re a family business, with a community-based outlook, so we enjoy working with people in complimentary trades and industries. It makes us stronger as a company to have great people on call for specialized jobs – folks like Jason from Busy Bee Recycling, who helped us out in the video.

Like I said, we have fun – but we always stay safe. Even though we joke around on the video, we have years of experience working around demolition sites with this equipment. (And no, I’m not really trying to smack Jason with 500 pounds of junk). Demolition and cleanup are definitely more complicated than they look, so before you rent some heavy equipment and try it yourself, think about what you might not know. Then call us. We not only get it done with a smile, we can take you all the way through the process of landscaping your property after the demolition and cleanup. Plus, we even know how to get you safely involved. Take a look at our landscaping customer helper page, where we supervise customers on our equipment!

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