Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goats Invade Spokane Landscaping Company

Cascading Creations Head Ensures Residents No Swath of Destruction Forthcoming; “They Faint”

Airway Heights
, WA: Around Airway Heights, Laverne and Shirley aren’t sassy TV characters. They’re goats that have unexpectedly appeared on the grounds of Cascading Creations, ( a Spokane area landscaping and landscaping supplies company. Since their arrival, the goats have stuck to their instincts, climbing stones and other raised spots, including new water features – examples of Cascading Creations’ hardscaping design skills – across the premises.

Company owner Monte Tareski has adopted the goats as mascots, joining his dogs as familiar sights to his clients. While Mr. Tareski would not be forthcoming about the goats’ mysterious arrival, he’s known throughout the community for his sense of humor.

“Do we have goats? I believe the video evidence speaks for itself,” said Mr. Tareski, referring to footage at the company’s YouTube channel, “They’re our mascots all right. I mean, what else are we going to do with them now that they’re here?”Mr. Tareski assures visitors that the goats are well behaved.“They’re well-mannered for goats. They faint, too, and that helps. Actually, it’s a temporary paralysis of the legs induced by surprise. So far, my experiments in sneaking up on them and making ridiculous noises have all been successful in causing this reaction. This should prevent a potential goat rampage.

“People of Airway Heights and Spokane, there is no cause for alarm.”

Monte Tareski, the rest of the crew and Cascading Creations and sister business GardenStone Creations invite visitors to catch a glimpse of fainting goats Laverne and Shirley whenever they’re at the companies’ shared offices and retail outlet.

About Cascading Creations

Cascading Creations is a Spokane, Washington area landscaping and hardscaping company specializing in water features, landscaping materials, eco-friendly, minimal impact landscaping and stone engraving. The company’s expertise and fleet of specialized equipment allows it to complete very challenging jobs quickly and efficiently – and with enthusiasm. Visit for more information.

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