Monday, January 31, 2011

What to do with a pile of rocks.....

Have you ever looked at a pile of rocks and wondered what to do with them? Let me tell you right now, I do it every day.

You see I love working with rock. More importantly I love building walls out of rock. I have great equipment at my disposal to take a pile of boulders like you see here in this picture and transform it into a beautiful wall. 

It may seem as if I am tooting my own horn here just a bit, but I really do feel as if I have an eye for placing boulders in just the right way to create a wall of rock that appears to have been there for hundreds of years. 

With the my equipment I can take a pile of rocks like this and turn into a wall like that in just shy of 4 hours. Yep that's right 4 hours later we were raking in the finishing touches. So don't think that it will cost an arm and a leg and take a week to complete. With clean up and reloading the equipment we were in and out in just over 6 hours and the customer was ecstatic that his bill came in under $2000.00. Plus we graded out his driveway just because we had some time to kill. Have a super day and I'll see ya back here tomorrow!

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