Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nine Mile Falls Elementary....It's a kid thing.....

In our off season we find ways to stay busy.....

What you see in the first picture is what we had to start with.

The Nine Mile Falls Elementary PTG hired us to put in an outdoor classroom.

Here was the problem....They didn't have enough in their budget to cover the whole project. 

After long consideration (approximately 10 seconds) My wife and I decided to donate our time (equipment and labor) to get this done for them.

It was a labor of love. 

"Why" you may ask yourself....

"We LOVE kids" would be the answer....

To put in something this beautiful for a school had always been something I had wanted to do. The Nine Mile Falls PTG did cover the cost of the rock, so we weren't out the cost of the whole project. But together we were able to make an outdoor classroom that could be enjoyed for years to come. 

We just wanted to share.....

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