Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What in the heck is T & M.....

So....What in the heck is T & M?

T&M Stands for Time and Materials. You may hear contractors talk about T&M this and T&M that but and basically it is "Code" for what the job is going to cost them. 

Here is what I do with all of the estimates that we do. We bid T&M to the customer. 

"Why would you do that?"
 I have been asked

Here is what I tell the prospective customer....

"We are the materials"

  • Two: as I am the one going to be running the equipment most of the time I sure as heck know how much time it is going to take. If I didn't, I have no business doing the estimate. Don't you think?

 So if you ever hear a contractor throwing around the term Time and Materials you will know what that means. For most  it is their cost on a job. For us it means YOUR cost on a job. And trust me they are one in the same (Their cost with them, and Your cost with us) if you catch my drift.


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