Monday, March 21, 2011

Geting a testimonial is our goal on every job.....


I met you thru a family connection week 1. Week 2 we had the whole idea dialed in. And week 3, we were breaking ground. How punctual is that???? I can't thank you enough for the ideas, and the thorough work you did on my blank canvas of a back yard. You and your crew did a great job on our new home!!! The materials you provided were top notch, and the work you did could not have turned out better. And I really appreciate you going the extra mile to do all the "small things" that needed to get done in the process to make the job COMPLETE!!!!! I have had countless neighbors pull up while I'm working in the yard asking "who did that for you??" "WOW, that looks great," "where did you get that stuff??" I would strongly recommend Monte, Cascading Creations, and the materials they use to anyone in the market for a landscaping creation, makeover, or addition without a doubt! Thanks Monte, for giving me, my family, and my home something to enjoy for many years to come.

Samuel R. Hess
SRH Appraisals
1009 W. Highpeak Dr.
Spokane, WA 99224

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