Monday, March 7, 2011

One more Testimonial....Just in case you wanna read it.....

Jim Wilson here.

We recently decided to rejuvenate and regravel our lengthy driveway and two other gravel areas on our property where we maintain equipment and a turnaround.

Historically, we have always relied on our builder to contract out such work, but at this point so many years had passed since our initial construction, we felt we should not impose.  I have to admit, I was somewhat hesitant to simply guess on a contractor, as you hear so many horror stories.

I requested bids from several landscape contract firms.  Not only was Cascading Creations the first to respond, they ultimately were the most reasonable in price.

Monte came out to our property within one week of the initial contact and provided me with an estimate a day later.....impressive. 

We made arrangements for the work to be completed, which occurred on time and on budget.  So much for the horror stories.

I think what impressed me the most was a piece of work performed for which we did not contract.  When I walked the property with Monte, I casually mentioned I was going to have find time to get my tractor out to scrape weeds from a rocky portion of sloping hillside (about a half acre).  There was no more discussion about this.

However, the day after the project was completed I was taken aback when I noticed Cascading Creations had completed the weed project for me.  Even more amazing was that the worker on the project was not Monte.  This meant Monte remembered my comment, conveyed it to his employee and the employee completed the work (despite finishing up in the dark-and taking time to come up to the house to let us know the work was done and to contact him if there were any problems).

So in the end, the whole experience was low maintenance for us, on budget with what I would consider superior service.  We intend to reinitiate a significant landscape redesign project at some point (halted by the economic crisis).  When we do, you can be certain our landscape design architect will be in touch with Cascading Creations.

James K. Wilson, CFP
Northern Capital Management, Inc.
2700 S. Southeast Blvd., Suite 205
Spokane, WA 99223

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