Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Manly Art of Engraving Stone

We’re landscapers. We do burly lifting. We break rocks. We use big machines. We do sweaty, dirty excavation around Spokane. We carve pretty butterflies on stones.

Say what?

No, seriously. Butterflies on stones – and they look darned good. Of course, we can engrave pretty much anything that’s family friendly. This is an aspect of Cascading Creations we’re especially proud of because it demonstrates the wide range of skills we’ve developed in this industry. We like the fact that even though we’re well-known for a naturalistic, low impact landscaping style we can get the most delicate, polished details down. In fact, there’s nothing quite like offsetting a water feature made of rough stone by polishing part of one of the stones and giving it a custom engraving.

One of the drawbacks of being able to get so much detail on to stone is that the Web’s display resolution just doesn’t do our engravings justice. Believe it our not, the rock picture of our Washington State landscaping offices hasn’t been tweaked with Photoshop to add our logo – no, that involved a chisel!

We’ve become pretty well-known for stone engraving over the years, so we’ve expanded into a sister business GardenStone Creations. We do the kind of site-installed stone engraving you’d see in landscaping projects, but branching into a new business also allows us to tackle smaller engraving projects, such as personal stone keepsakes, or engraved rocks you can move around to decorate a garden or other landscape by yourself.

Check http://www.gardenstonecreations.com out, but come back often, as we’re just starting to add stock. Keep in mind, however, that we can engrave almost anything on any-sized rock by itself or as part of a landscaping job. Give us a call to see what we can engrave for you!

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