Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Low Impact Landscaping Approach

We’ve always prided ourselves on an ecologically conscious approach to landscaping around the Spokane area. This is often called low impact landscaping and it’s how we prefer to do things here at Cascading Creations, but we haven’t brought it to people’s attention until recently, when we updated our landscaping website.

Low impact landscaping relies upon research, practical knowledge and more than a little common sense to reduce the environmental impact of landscaping jobs, both on and off the actual site. We use a mix of strategies to make landscaping as eco-friendly as possible. These include the following:

Local Materials: We use local materials whenever possible. Fortunately, Washington State has so much variety that much of the time, we don’t have to go far to get the landscaping rock we need. The local ecology is adapted to local materials (obviously!) and this saved energy that would have been spent hauling rocks across the country.

Recycled Materials: We can recycle materials from your site, rebuilding them into beautiful, functional landscaping features. We’ll still bring in all the stone and other materials we need to do the job right, of course. Afterward, the remainder can be sorted into materials for later jobs.

Energy Conservation: Okay, I admit it: We love our big machines for Washington excavation jobs but there’s a time and place for them. An energy conscious approach means we only bring out the big machines when we need to, and always try to find a more efficient way to do just about everything.

Naturalistic Features: Finally, we like to design Spokane area water features and other jobs to fit with the local ecology. That means using natural methods for drainage where possible, local plants and stones, and landscaping features than, when appropriate, are similar to natural features in the area. This minimizes the disturbance to local plants and wildlife.

That’s basically how we do it, though of course, the details are a bit picky. Give us a holler to find our more!

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