Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Five Ways to Use Stone Engraving in Your Household

A beautiful stone engraving just begs for a place in your home . . . somewhere. It can be a challenge to find a place for something with its signature visual impact. Here at GardenStone Creations we have plenty of suggestions to offer. Here are just five of them.

Address or House Stone: An engraved stone is a classy replacement for wood or metal street numbers. Plus, you can add your own names, or the name you have for your house. Nothing’s quite as welcoming than actually saying, “Welcome to the Smiths’” right on your porch.

Date Stone: One great custom engraving stone is a date stone façade. You see date stones whenever you visit old buildings, and see the construction date carved into their cornerstones. If your home has a natural stone exterior, consider adding a date stone to a prominent place. It may not be the date of construction, but it’s when you came to live there, and that’s just as important. Add your name to leave your mark on the homestead. Naturally, you can’t exactly rearrange the stones in a supporting structure, but you might be able to add a great granite façade. Ask us about it!

Garden Stone: Naturally, we’re going to recommend engraved garden stones. As you might guess from the name GardenStone Creations that’s kind of what we like! Seriously though, you can get a great effect out of adding an engraved stone to a cairn or other collection of rocks, especially if you can get a near-matching color. Add a wildlife theme or words you like, and they’ll merge seamlessly with the environment around them.

Gatepost: A gatepost is a great accent for a long driveway. It serves much the same function as an address stone. It stands at the foot of your driveway or path on a post – or if you feel like splurging, you can use a large stone on its own (that’s what we do for Cascading Creations). Add your address, family name or even just something you want to share with the world.

Mantel Decoration: This is a classic spot for a small stone engraving, like a wedding stone. The natural, one of a kind look goes well with classic wooden fireplace mantels, while the polished surface lets it fit in with smoother, modern designs.

Once you’ve made a choice, contact us. We’ll work to get exactly what you want on the stone, so that wherever you put it, it’ll be the perfect addition to your home!

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