Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Engraved Stones for Life’s Milestones

Gardenstone Creations sells personalized stone engraving for all occasions. The business sprang from Cascading Creations after we realized that we could do a lot more with custom rock work than apply it to landscaping jobs. Engraved stones come in all shapes and sizes, from heavy outdoor markers to small stone plaques that are perfect for home décor.

Our most popular engraved stones mark major occasions in life. For example, we recommend birth stones to new parents. In fact, this theme is s popular that we called the company “Birthstone Creations” in the beginning, but changed it because we didn’t want to confuse what we do with the tradition of precious stones being linked to certain birthdays. You can mark the baby’s birth and even illustrate it with baby handprints, footprints and other etched and colored illustrations.

Graduation stones are also popular. GardenStone pioneered this idea. As you might guess, these commemorate graduation from high school or college. These mark great personalized gifts for these important occasions and unlike a diploma, isn’t going to get folded, shredded, or wrecked when a glass frame breaks.

It’s great to be able to offer this kind of custom rock work at prices that make it a practical gift. Stone engraving has come a long way, and thanks to power tools, great coloring techniques and computer stencilling we can etch nearly any image into stone and color the design to suit you.

Just remember one thing: This is natural stone engraving. That means that every piece has to work with the stone, and its final appearance and shape will be based on the rock surface we work with. We can do a whole lot with the raw material – etch it, polish it, color it – but in the end, working with the stone is part of the art.

In addition to this, we offer completely custom stones. Contact us for custom rock work and we’ll help you create the engraved stone you want, working with natural stone to give you something that melds its best qualities with your request.

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