Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Get Your Xeriscaping Landscape Job Done Now!

One of the challenges around Spokane landscaping is the weather. Don’t like Spokane’s weather? Just wait 15 minutes . . . seriously though: The region defies typical Pacific Northwest patterns. Instead of being damp all the time we oscillate between an arid climate and sudden, chilling blankets of snow (it’s why we do snow removal around Spokane too). Did I mention it gets cold, too?

The unpredictable weather is one reason we recommend xeriscaping methods for your landscaping job. Xeriscaping is designed to conserve water, so it’s a great idea when we head into warm weather. Still, there’s more to like about it than what it does for you in the summer.

Xeriscaping helps keep your property clean through the winter. We use plants conservatively in a xeriscaping job instead of just packing a property with greenery. If you’ve ever had to clean up the black mush left by leaves, pine needles and dead grass you’ll understand the advantages to using greenery conservatively.

By using stone, gravel, hardy root systems and integrated hardscaping such as retaining walls, xeriscaping also helps manage soil erosion. This is a big concern in our climate, because rapid temperature changes can cause equally fast erosion. Xeriscaping manages your soil so that it will stick around through the winter and spring thaw.

Xeriscaping takes water runoff into account more than traditional landscaping. Standard landscaping is most concerned with protecting features from erosion, but xeriscaping examines the water volume you actually expect and maps its progress. Just tell us about typical snow and ice buildup patterns on your property and we can “tune it” to compensate, helping you prevent flooding or stagnant areas.

Oh, one more thing: Good xeriscaping jobs look nice all year round. They don’t rely on plants to do the visual “heavy lifting.” We’ve all seen great landscapes that turn into depression pits as soon as winter hits. We want to give you something better, so give us a holler to get started!

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Blue Slate, Inc. said...

Xeriscaping - the 'colorful, low-water, low-maintenance landscape'! Can't beat it, Monte. So much more interesting than traditional all-sod lawns (all year around) and so much easier to maintain. Great article!