Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spokane Area Landscaping Changes With the Seasons – and So Do We!

Hi folks. We’ve been pretty busy with landscaping jobs in and around Spokane, but that’s not all we’ve been up to. What was summer like for Cascading Creations? Let’s take it point by point:

  • First of all, we beefed up our Landscaping Material Yard with a wider range of stuff, including plants, sod and other “green” materials. Check out our price list here.
  • After spending winter and spring putting down the building we finally opened our new office and the store location of GardenStone Creations. We’ve grown into the space nicely, especially as it allows us to do more stone engraving and centralizes what we do in one handy location. Feel free to drop by whether you want some interior décor from GardenStone or you want to ask us about landscaping.
  • We’ve also turned our Airway Heights location into a showcase of the kinds of things we can do, including xeriscaping and naturalistic water features. Even if you’d rather do it yourself, we can point you to the materials we used.
  • Our fainting goats Laverne and Shirley are settling in nice to their new role as official mascots. Even though they fall over when startled, that doesn’t seem to keep them from climbing yard materials and some of the landscaping features we have on site.

What’s on the horizon? First off, if you have a demolition or site cleanup job you’ve been dragging your feet on now is probably the time to ask us. While we work throughout the year, everybody seems to like it best if they get all of their wreckage and crap out of the way before it gets cold.

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