Saturday, December 12, 2009

Engraved Stones and More for Christmas

Christmas is very, very close. Naturally, we at GardenStone Creations would like to throw our hats (well, custom rock work) in to the ring and offer gift ideas. You might think that engraved stones are a bit somber for the season, but the fact is that we create more than memorial style engraved stone plaques. We know how to create personalized stone engravings for virtually any occasion.

(Oh, before we forget, we do more than engraving. We also carry a number of antiques, local handcrafted items and other great pieces for home d├ęcor. Check it out!)

Stone engraving is capable of a lot more than it used to be. We can create very close renderings of people, scenery objects and wildlife in etched stone and color engravings close to your exact specifications. Engraved natural stone always needs to take the nature of an individual rock into account, but doing so while creating a beautiful piece of art is part of the medium. Let’s look at a few different personalized stone gifts you can give this holiday season.

Personalized Birth Stones: Let us engrave the name, birth date, parents’ names and other vital statistics of a newborn in your network of friends or family. We provide numerous additional options to make the birth stone as elaborate as you like.

Wildlife Engraved Stones: We love this engraved stones because they really show what the state of the art is capable of. Our selection features a number if beautiful wildlife images such as running horses and deer. These are not personalized, but we are capable of creating personalized versions upon request. That takes us to . . .

Completely Custom Rock Work: Whether you want something just a bit different from a stone that we already offer at our store or site or want something completely different, we can accommodate you. Many people find it easiest to use an existing stone engraving (such as one of our wildlife stones) as a starting point, adding the other elements they want to see.

If you live near Spokane you can pick up an in-stock engraving right now by visiting our store in Airway Heights, WA. If you want a custom stone, let us know now and we’ll start your work right away. If you live elsewhere, contact us to order. We can ship directly to you, so there is no worry about ordering a rock that you can’t come and pick up!

No matter what you give or where you live, we at GardenStone wish you a wonderful Christmas, a happy New Year and joy through whatever you plan on celebrating as 2009 draws to a close.

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