Friday, December 18, 2009

Five Things You Can Do to Prepare for the Next Spokane Landscaping Season

The Spokane landscaping (and hardscaping) season is done, done, done. We may be concentrating on snow removal and miscellaneous jobs (site cleanup, stone engraving, etc.) but that doesn’t mean landscaping has to wait! Most landscaping and hardscaping jobs include a number of tasks that don’t involve any digging, building or other hands-on tasks. If you take care of this stuff now your job will go much more smoothly once the 2010 season starts. Even if you don’t we try to make it an easy, fun experience – but preparing just makes it even better.

Check Your Drainage

Check the area you want landscaped for slopes, swampy spots and where the snow tends to go when it melts. Take a few pictures – even make a few drawings – and you’ll highlight some of the space’s drainage issues. That makes it much easier for us to head off any issues during the job.

Keep Your Landscape Clean

We’re great at site cleanup . . . but we prefer to do it after the job. Get rid of debris, keep the snow from piling up too high and you’ll make starting the job much easier. Don’t forget to pay special attention to edge areas (such as between the home and lawn) where unwanted much can accumulate.

Look Into Permits, Pipes and Cables

Nobody likes being surprised by buried pipes and cables that derail landscaping plans – or by obscure bylaws that force you to make changes after you’ve carefully laid out your vision for the space. Do yourself a favor and figure it all out ahead of time.

Measure Your Space

This one’s pretty basic. Measure the dimensions of the area you want landscaped! The more accurate your measurements are, the better our estimates.

. . . and Book Your Job!

Winter may make the season seem distant, but before you know it, 2010 will bring it back – and it’ll be busy. Contact us to make arrangements in advance and put yourself at the front of the line!

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