Friday, December 18, 2009

GardenStone Looks Back at 2009 – and Forward to 2010

2009 has been a fantastic year for us. In a year everybody said was going to be a time to jealously guard what you already have, we decided to place our trust in the community and expand. We not only grew to encompass more than personalized stone engraving, but built a whole new storefront from the ground up, to share with our sister business Cascading Creations.

We finished building and decorating the store in early Aril. When we say we built it, we mean it. We laid down the concrete floor, put the rooms together and did pretty much everything else, with help from the Cascading Creations crew and a few other great professionals in the community.

Let’s not forget one very important group that we have to credit with our ability to really expand and make GardenStone the kind of venture we always wanted. That’s Inland Northwest Bank. 2009 wasn’t a year when most institutions were exactly eager to lend out money, but INB didn’t just use a “cookie cutter” policy to decide whether to help us with our plans.

Just as INB supported the community, we wanted to do the same – that’s been part of the company vision all along. That’s why we added consignment space to support new local artisans and added a home décor section filled with Pacific Cost crafts and antiques. We also joined our area’s Buy Local movement to help keep the economy around us stable and active.

As 2010 looms we look forward to further establishing ourselves around Airway Heights and the Spokane region, as well as online through our website, where you can purchase home décor, suggested personalized stones and completely custom rock work. We hope to make contact with more Pacific Northwest artisans and expand the reach of our reputation.

Above all, we want to meet you, introduce you to our corner of a great community and dazzle you from some great stone engraving and other fantastic pieces of craftsmanship. So enjoy the holidays and see you in the New Year! We’ll be keeping stone in stock and shelves full for you.

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