Friday, February 11, 2011

In a tight spot? Gettin' the job done with Cascading Creations

One of the more uinque abilities we have is to get into places that only have 6 1/2 foot fence and doing all the work of a large machine. 

It's all about leverage. 
We can place boulders up to 4 ft in diameter with this fine piece of equipment (even bigger with our skid steer). We have built rock retaining walls in back yards from Medical Lake to Liberty lake. The best part is that we don't tear up your back yard in the process. We take the time to take care of the ground we are working on. See...It's eaiser to not have to fix the ground than tear it up and try to patch it......Just sayin'..... 

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Monte Tareski

Cascading Creations

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