Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stairway To Heaven......

Ok....So it really was just a stairway from their back porch up to the roadway but hey...I really enjoyed this project.

For me it was a stairway to heaven 

I love working with Column Rock

They make AWESOME natural rock staircases

What you see in this picture was a half load of Columns (around $1000)

And a day's worth of equipment time ($1720)

This portion of the customer's project was under $3000 with tax. There were over 30 Column Rocks involved in this project with 20 stair treads,  the mock hand rails, a small retaining wall and all the finishing touches. Compare that pricing with the cost of  concrete or any other contractor doing work with columns. The picture does not do this piece of art any justice. It was truly amazing and a blast to complete....I with Column Rock.

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