Sunday, February 13, 2011

Speaking of Column Rocks!

Did you know we can supply Column Rock in Spokane Cheaper than anyone else?.....

How do I know?

Because I checked!

and Guess what?

It comes from the same place!

We charge by the truck load not by the foot!

We can deliver a dump truck load of Column Boulders 4' tall and under (appx 35 columns). for a mere $1500.00 + tax. If you do the math on that same truck load of columns from our competitors you would be looking at a load of rock that could exceed $5000.00!!! 

Yea.......I'm not kidding.

You want to know the funny part?

We still make a small profit at that price.

So it makes you wonder why they charge so much huh?

Well to be honest....

So Do I

And if you are so inclined to have us place those rocks after we drop um off we can accommodate that as well. Keep that in mind the next time you think you may want to decorate with this beautiful natural rock from right here in the Great Northwest. We carry plenty of them in stock so come take a look for wont be dissapointed!


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