Sunday, February 27, 2011

What does "Quarry Direct" mean for you?

After a long weekend at the Spokane Home & Yard Show....

I just wanted to reflect for a moment......

I spent a lot of time this weekend explaining to prospective  customers that we are "Quarry Direct"

What does that mean to you? (the prospective customer)

Well it means a significant cost savings. That's what it means!

We have relationships with all of the rock quarries in the Pacific Northwest and when we make a plan for your project that involves boulders, I get on the horn and get the ball rolling.  We send our drivers out and get your materials directly from the source.....

No Middle Man.....

We are the middle man....

Other landscapers around Spokane buy their materials from us.

What that translates into?

More material for your hard earned dollar when you hire us to do your project


And you wanna know the kicker?

 A lot of the time I go and sort the material out for your project myself.

So in summary.

I come to your home and look at your project, I go to the quarry to find just the right material for your project and I do the work on your project. 

Talk about Quality Control.....Just sayin'




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